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John Paul Prebish

In 40 years of William Raveis Real Estate no individual sales associate has produced more in a single year than John Paul. John Paul was the #1 sales associate company-wide for volume produced in 2017. Born and raised in southwest Michigan, John Paul attended Kalamazoo College where he earned a degree in Economics. After graduating from Kalamazoo College, John Paul joined CSE Group, formerly Career Sports & Entertainment, a global sports agency in Atlanta, Georgia. While at CSE, John Paul developed national marketing campaigns for several well-known and respected brands. He quickly established himself as a top performer. John Paul went on to earn a coveted position in the agency’s Client Representation Division, a spot reserved for the most talented, analytical sales and marketing minds. While a member of the CSE Client Representation team, John Paul was responsible for evaluating, recruiting, marketing, and securing income producing opportunities for many of the nation’s most prolific and accomplished coaches, broadcasters, golfers and celebrities.

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NAPLES, FL 34102

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